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Getting Married in Italy or France? LM Weddings is the design & planning service you are looking for. We have coordinated over 130 weddings for couples from around the world. Our hand-selected venues span from the Italian Amalfi Coast, to the charming Gardens in Paris.

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Lake Como Wedding by SugarLove Photography

It is one of our favorite, favorite days here on Style Me Pretty where we get to delve into a mega-lineup of wedding inspiration that runs the gamut in terms of style and location. There is one common thread that runs throughout each of these features though...each is unbelievably, undeniably gorgeous. And since we have so much to share, we are keeping things short and sweet and if you are dying to see more, simply click on the gallery for the FULL wedding.

First up is a Lake Como...


Teal, Ivory and Gold theme

Unless you live in Hawaii you will not find any teal flowers in nature: how to find a valuable remedy or substitute? Great challenge!  We tried to put together a board, with all the possible solutions for combining teal, gold and ivory colors. 
(p.s. this is not a game: we had to find something for our lovely couple's wedding! :-))
Bridal bouquet: Ivory dahlias, english rosesTeal silk flowers (peony or anemone shape)Gold blossoms and branches or leavesIvory embroidered...


Top 25 most expensive celebrity weddings - unbelievable!

Curious and interesting at the same time, check this out… Our favorite is of course the no. 1! A real fairy tale wedding



Amalfi Coast Wedding, Atrani - partnership with

Here the post where I have been featured as wedding planner for

Thanks to Janice and Davin Mortier
Thanks to Massi for the opportunity in planning this wedding
Thanks to Andre & Suzanne from Belle Momenti...


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